How RotaryCash works

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When you join RotaryCash, the system will pair you to pay N5,000 or N10,000 to an upline, depending on the package you are on. After making payment, your upline will confirm your payment, and the system will match two other registered members to pay you double of the amount you invested.
So, if you pay N5,000, you will be paid N10,000, and if you pay N10,000, you will be paid N20,000. Payment is made directly to your bank account.
Note that you do not have to refer anybody to qualify for your earnings.

Points to Note

After sign up, a welcome message containing your username and password will be sent to your email address. You will be placed into your selected package, and be paired up to donate money to an upline: N5,000, N10,000 depending on the package you are on. Ensure you have your money ready before registration.

Note that after registration, you cannot change to a different package.

When matched to pay an upline, the time given is 24 hours to make payment. Ensure to pay your upline before your time runs out, or your account will be blocked. If you need more time, you can contact your upline to add time for you. You are advised to call your upline before you pay him or her. Note that even on weekends, your time still continues to countdown.

You can negotiate with your upline to add time for you on weekends.

Payment Methods

Payments can be done through ATM transfer, or mobile banking, or cash if possible.
After your payment is received and confirmed, you will be matched to get payment from two rotarycash participants, within a period of 3 days. So if you pay N5,000, you get N10,000, if you pay N10,000, you get N20,000


After receiving your 100% payment, you can recycle again. To participate in the system, you can register with a different username, but you can use the same bank details.

encountering problems?

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